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22nd January 2021

I've got people coming in bringing me cups of tea

Trevor Adams has been staying at the hospice during the latest lockdown and shares his thoughts about his experience.


I’ve been in St Helena now for over a fortnight and they’ve done nothing but wonders for me. The support has been tremendous; without them I think I may have been in a dreadful state. I can only thank them and thank them and thank them.

Pretty good today, I’m on one of my better days here. I’ve just had a pump fitted so they’re trying to get me fit for duty!

Oh it’s been like, been like a five star hotel, everybody here is perfect, they can’t do enough for you. The food is lovely, everything’s lovely, you couldn’t have got better on a holiday, apart from being ill of course.

[about lockdown] It’s something we’ve all got used to now, isn’t it really? Sometimes you can’t quite hear them so you have to ask again but if that’s the worst that’s going to happen that ain’t bad is it really. No it doesn’t really worry me; if it wasn’t for that, that would be even better, that would put the last little bit on the top. But I’m comfortable, I’ve got a television, I’ve got people coming in bringing me cups of tea, what [else] could somebody ask for?

I’ve got my phone here, I phone my daughter and my sister and stuff every day more or less they phone me so you know you keep in contact. People here are so friendly and everything you just they’ll stop and have a natter with you. If you look behind me you’ll see my two grandchildren there. I have a look at that picture and I think of them you know and it’s all lovely.

You’re Trevor here and you know that makes a difference. I don’t think anybody’s ever called me anything but Trevor since I’ve been here so you’re like a friend straight away you know. It makes you feel relaxed and if you’re relaxed you repair much quicker hopefully.

This story may not be published elsewhere without express permission from St Helena Hospice.


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