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Spiritual care

Our chaplaincy team is here to listen to your experiences; explore your concerns and help you find a sense of peace.

Spiritual care is offered to all people under the care of St Helena. This can include matters such as hope, peace, sense of meaning and purpose, faith, belief, relationships, values, cultures, forgiveness and religion. It is available to all regardless of their faith or no faith.

When our bodies begin to deteriorate, we can become more aware of our souls. We may start to think more deeply about our lives and relationships, grapple with questions of meaning and purpose, or struggle with a loss of hope. As we face this part of our lives, it is not unusual to look back at our joys and regrets or reflect on what lies ahead.

St Helena has two part-time chaplains and a team of chaplaincy volunteers to help meet the spiritual, pastoral and religious need of patients and their families. This can be provided:

  • At the hospice
  • Through community visits
  • At a chaplaincy service
  • Through bereavement support

Our chaplaincy team holds an understanding of the breath of spiritual expression and can help you explore your unique sense of spirituality in a way that is meaningful to you. This may be through nature, ritual, creativity, music, faith or meditation to name but a few. We can also accompany you as you grapple with difficult emotions, questions and beliefs around life and death without giving simplistic answers or bringing any agenda of our own.

For those who find meaning and comfort through religious faith, we are available to pray with you, celebrate Communion with you or help you observe cultural or religious practices. If your religion is not represented on our team, we can often contact your local faith leader to arrange support.

To request support from the chaplaincy team, please call SinglePoint on 01206 890 360.

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