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Spiritual care

At St Helena, we understand that times of illness might raise questions about meaning, identity, consciousness and connection.

Our Spiritual Care Team is here to give you time to talk through whatever is most important to you. Share cherished memories, connect with your personal faith, or just enjoy some company when you need it—our team actively listens, offering empathy and understanding. We can also offer assistance with religious practices and rituals, and help with planning life events like weddings and funerals. Our team can talk to you over the phone, visit you at home, or spend time with you at the hospice.

Just past the main entrance to the hospice, you’ll find The Oasis, a room which can be used for reflection, prayer, meditation, or just to find some peace and quiet. Patients and their loved ones are welcome to use the space any time. You’ll also find our Book of Remembrance here.

 Spiritual care is an essential part of our hospice services. Our spiritual care team will honour your beliefs and support you in making meaningful connections. If you’d like to talk to one of the team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To request support from the chaplaincy team, please call SinglePoint on 01206 890 360 or ask one of our nurses to make a referral. 

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