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Patient communication

St Helena is dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure local people facing incurable illness have access to all the support and resources available to them, helping them to live and die well with dignity and choice.

We often ask for feedback from those receiving end of life care. Feedback we’ve received recently has been that people would like to be communicated with more often and to hear about all the services and support available to them.

To help make that happen, we are asking individuals who are referred to St Helena, to consent to receiving regular email communications from us.

Once referred to St Helena, even if an individual only has one phone call with SinglePoint, they are still part of the St Helena community. If they consent to regular communications, we will share the many services, groups, resources etc that are available to help them and their family to access the support they need.

If you are living with incurable illness and would like to receive regular communications from St Helena, you can opt in by clicking the button below.

You will also be asked if you’d like to opt in to hearing about the many ways you can support St Helena and help your local hospice, such as visiting our shops, playing the lottery, making a donation, or just spreading the word about what we do.

You can choose the type of communications you’d like to opt into and you can update your preferences and stop communications any time by getting in touch.

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