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Lauren's appeal

Help ensure children and young people receive the support they need to live a full life after bereavement.

Lauren's appeal

At St Helena Hospice we are deeply committed to supporting people impacted by incurable illness and the death of a loved one.

When you are so young, with such big emotions and there are huge changes that are taking place, it can be even harder to process grief. Whilst we can’t protect children from loss, we can help them to process their pain and ensure that the remaining time left within a family is treasured.

By donating today, you will be helping people like Lauren and her brothers to create special memories with their families and help provide the support they need to continue life after a bereavement.

Donate to Lauren's appeal

We believe the more we are able to talk about death and dying as being a natural part of life; the less scary it can become, and when a loved one dies, we are still here to help the child to go on living.  

Lauren and her family on holiday

Lauren was just 16 when her mum Shelley was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died at the age of 45. When Shelley was referred to the hospice, Lauren and her young brothers, Lewis and Luke, were offered counselling and it was a lifeline for them.  


"At first, nothing made sense to me and during my first few weeks of counselling I’d just cry. I could scream and tell everyone that my world was a complete mess and it was ok to do that, and I was helped to admit that I wasn’t ok; that was a massive thing for me. Once I had admitted that, I went into this mode of wanting to spend as much time as possible with my mum; my best friend. St Helena Hospice helped us to do that and to create incredible memories. "


On her 18th birthday, a year and a half after her mum had died, Lauren received a bracelet and card Shelley had arranged with the help of the hospice. The card read: 

“Lauren my gorgeous daughter, I so wish I could be with you to celebrate this special day. Have fun my honey bun. I’m always with you.”

In the last year, St Helena Hospice has supported more than 130 children and young people facing the death of a loved one. Please donate today so more children have the support they need to live a full life after bereavement.

Donate to Lauren's appeal


could help a young person to live a full life after a bereavement by providing the support they need to face the death of a loved one through counselling



could help a child begin to process the pain and grief they’re facing, to ensure they can spend the precious time they have left with their loved one making memories to cherish, with the help of a counsellor



could help someone grieving the loss of a loved one at this especially difficult time, by providing vital support from a bereavement counsellor over the phone or via video call


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