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About us

St Helena Hospice is a charity based in Colchester. The charity helps local people in north east Essex face incurable illness and bereavement, supporting them, their families, friends and carers.

We also help adults and children in north east Essex who have been bereaved, regardless of how or where their loved one died.

We support members of our community, helping them make their own choices and live with dignity. By focusing on their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, we aim to bring comfort and relief to all those who need it, offering the people of north east Essex individual care and total support, regardless of their diagnosis or personal circumstances.

Our support is provided where and when it is needed, whether at home, at the Hospice or over the phone through our 24/7 advice line, SinglePoint.

Only 27% of St Helena’s income comes from the NHS. That means 73% of the income needed to run St Helena is raised through the local community. That includes through people playing Your Hospice Lottery, giving donations, buying in St Helena shops, and leaving gifts in Wills. You can also raise vital funds for St Helena through supporting our commercial and social enterprise activities including our Total Clean in support of St Helena commercial cleaning business, The Creation Station in support of St Helena arts and crafts classes and our home care business, Radfield Home Care in support of St Helena .

As a charity we rely heavily on the help and generosity of our fundraisers, donors and volunteers. Without them we wouldn’t be here.

We all share a common goal: to be here for everyone who needs us, when they need us, helping life to go on in the face of dying, death and bereavement.

Our ambition

We want more people to have dignity and choice at end of life.

Our priorities

  • Providing excellent personalised care to more people in hospice beds and in their home
  • Helping life go on in the face of dying, death and bereavement
  • Reaching out based on need, regardless of diagnosis or circumstances
  • Empowering people to plan ahead, share their choices and achieve their wishes

St Helena is a member of the North East Essex Health & Wellbeing Alliance, a collective of government, healthcare and voluntary organisations, we work together to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities. Find out more on the North East Essex Health & Wellbeing Alliance website

Meet the team

Details of our senior management team and trustees.

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Your impact

Read about the difference you are making to local people facing incurable illness and bereavement

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Our vision for St Helena

Our vision for the next ten years is to be a global leader in caring.

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Our heritage

St Helena Hospice opened its doors on 20th May 1985. Behind the scenes, a group of passionate volunteers had been talking since 1979 about setting up a hospice for north east Essex.

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Our lotteries

Our weekly lotteries raise money for St Helena, other hospices and charities across the country.

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Reports and documentation relating to the work of St Helena.

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Safeguarding adults and children

Safeguarding is the action taken to promote the welfare of adults and children and protect them from abuse, risk and harm. It's also about educating those around them to recognise the signs and dangers.

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Additional support is available to you and your loved ones from other health and social care providers.

Find out more at the To Live With Dying website
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