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St Helena Supporters' Network

The St Helena Supporters' Network is a vibrant community of supporters who share a commitment to the mission of St Helena Hospice.

Over the next ten years, we aim to double the number of local people we support; but we can only achieve this with the support of our local community. By making regular monthly donations, you will contribute to our financial stability, especially during these challenging economic times. Your support enables us to continue offering the exceptional level of care and services for local people facing death and bereavement, now and for future generations.

As a member of the Supporters' Network, you will have the opportunity to stay connected and informed about the work we do. We will invite you to regular meetings where you can learn about the latest advancements in healthcare, technology, fundraising, and marketing that are driving our success. These gatherings also provide a platform to discuss the overall impact of our work and the difference you are helping us make in the local community.

As a member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular social events to connect with fellow supporters
  • Engaging talks and updates from St Helena staff
  • Regular updates on the impact of your donations and the difference they make
  • Membership in a community of like-minded philanthropists
  • Support and guidance for personal fundraising initiatives
  • Exclusive tours of our hospice and facilities
  • Business updates directly from our Chief Executive

Suggested minimum monthly donation

To join the St Helena Supporters' Network, we offer different giving levels tailored to your capacity to contribute. All amounts listed below are suggested donations per month, and if you are eligible for Gift Aid, the government will contribute an additional 25% to these donations:

Single Membership:

  • £125 per month
  • £500 per month
  • £1,250 per month

Household Membership:

  • £225 per month
  • £900 per month
  • £2,250 per month

We encourage you to invite your family, friends, and colleagues to join the network, strengthening our support base and enabling us to reach more people in need. Together, we can extend our reach further into the community and provide the vital care and support that St Helena is renowned for.

If you would like to become an integral part of the St Helena Supporters' Network, please leave your details below and we will contact you accordingly .

You can also contact Ben Wills, Philanthropy Manager directly by email at or call 01206 646172 ext 2032

Supporters' Network FAQ

Please see our FAQs below. If your question isn't answered, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch.

Why should I join?
To join the next phase of St Helena's journey and be a part of a new community that are supporting the work of the hospice. We're entering a really exciting period of growth - we're caring for more and more patients, and with the expansion in North Essex this is only set to increase. Our work is regarded nationally as one of the best and we want to include our supporters in celebrating and being a part of that success.
I already donate to St Helena Hospice. Why should I join?
If you're already a supporter of ours, thank you! We really value your donations and support. In the current financial climate, the more we can even out the peaks and troughs of income, the steadier we can be as an organisation. With regular giving we know we have that support to rely on. It means we can focus our work in other areas to generate income, whilst also looking after our current committed supporters. This by no means means you will sign up and be ignored, you will still be a valued part of St Helena and we will want your involvement and engagement throughout your time as a supporter.

As well as helping provide us financial stability, we also want you to be engaged with the work of the Hospice and for the support you provide to be recognised. We would love for you to be an active supporter and utilise any skills, knowledge, and further fundraising that you may have to offer. It's vital that this is a partnership.
Are there tax benefits for joining?

Yes. We can claim Gift Aid on all donations and receive a further 25% of your donation back from the government, meaning that your donation goes further. If you pay tax at 40% or a 45% then you can also claim additional relief on your donation in your self assessment. For example, as a 40% tax payer: if you were to donate £500 per month, St Helena could claim Gift Aid up to £125, and you could also claim a further £125 tax relief on your self assessment. Therefore, you would be giving £375 and St Helena would be receiving £625.

You can find out more about Gift Aid here.

Is there any expectation on members?

Our vision for this network is to foster the growth of philanthropy at St Helena Hospice. To achieve this, we highly value the involvement of our dedicated supporters, who will have frequent opportunities to invite their friends and family as guests to witness our work and potentially join us in our cause. The network actively seeks avenues to expand fundraising efforts and takes on the important responsibility of spreading awareness about our services and the tremendous effort required to sustain them.

There are no expectations placed on anyone to bring guests or participate in any specific activities. Our aim is to provide a range of engagement choices so that everyone feels comfortable in how they contribute. Whether you choose to join and simply observe or actively engage by hosting events, your presence and support are equally appreciated. 

Can I invite other people to join?
Yes. The Supporters' Network is not a closed group and we know that many prospective members might have a lot of questions, especially if they are not aware of the full extent of the St Helena's work. All events will be open for non members who will be warmly welcomed.
Will this mean I am being asked for more money more often and each time I attend?
Whilst members of the Supporters' Network you will be given plenty of information about the work of the Hospice, including financial details of our latest campaigns. We need to continually raise money to keep our vital service operational.

However, although we will present you with many opportunities to give, and at times we will ask if you are able to support additional causes, there is no expectation to do so. We want to be honest in how we work and not try to surprise people with asks for money, or make it feel like we are begging. We want a clear and open understanding that we need support, and if you are able to help then we are most grateful, if you don't want to on that occasion then we remain grateful for your ongoing membership support and will not continue to ask at that time.
What methods can I use to donate?
We can accept cash, cheque, bank transfer, credit/debit cards, donor advised funds, CAF cheques, Standing Orders, Direct Debits. If there's a method not listed that you would like to use, please get in touch to discuss.
What if I want to give more?
Everyone's finances are private, individual, and unique, and if you choose to join the network then you will be welcomed. Throughout your membership you will be kept up to date with the latest statistics and news from the Hospice and as with anything, there are usually increased costs.

Should you wish to donate further to a specific campaign or aspect then we would welcome that. However, if you are unable to give further, or do not wish to do so, then there is no expectation to do so. We are grateful for all our donations and each one makes a difference.
Can I specify where my donation goes?
Unfortunately not. Restricted donations can sometimes make things difficult when running a charity and therefore we try to ask that as many donations as possible remain unrestricted. The membership donation for the Supporters' Network will be unrestricted and spent with diligence and care at the descretion of our finance director and our Chief Executive. Should you wish to donate separately to a specifc aspect of our work please speak with our Philanthropy Manager who will welcome all questions.
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