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What St Helena offers

St Helena offers the people of north east Essex individual care and total support, regardless of diagnosis or circumstances. We focus on their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, aiming to bring comfort and relief to all those who need it. We help people with incurable illness, supporting them and their families, friends and carers.

We also help adults in north Essex who have been bereaved, regardless of how or where their loved one died. Bereavement support is also available for children and young people, 17 and under if their loved one was receiving our care. 

We have expertise in hospice care, specialist palliative and end of life care.

We work closely with local health and social care providers and other voluntary organisations and charities. Our services are intended to complement and not replace NHS or local authority services.

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As a local charity we rely heavily on the help and generosity of our fundraisers, donors and volunteers. Without them we wouldn’t be here.

We work with other local health and social care partners to promote the My Care Choices Record, a document that allows people to record and share their choices for care, including for their end of life care.  Find out more about the My Care Choices Record and Register.

Compassionate communities

A compassionate community is a group of people who come together to help and support others experiencing death, dying or loss, with a shared goal to improve end of life care and bereavement support for everybody through kindness, compassion and action.

Through our compassionate communities networks, we are working with health and social care professionals to ensure local people have access to the resources and tools they need to face dying, death and bereavement, both online and in the community from hubs such as libraries, cafes, and community centres. 

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch at

Find out more about compassionate communities

Compassionate Conversations training

Compassionate Conversations is a free two-hour training session delivered in-person and online by the St Helena Bereavement Team, in partnership with St Elizabeth Hospice. 

This training is aimed at helping people to talk with others experiencing death, dying or loss by giving them the skills and confidence to enable open, honest and sensitive conversations. 

Learn more about Compassionate Conversations

Further educational resources for health and social care professionals are available to you from other health and social care providers

Find out more at the North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance website
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