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Christmas Tree-cycle returns!

People purchasing a real Christmas tree this year can plan ahead and tick disposing of it after the festivities off their list - and support St Helena Hospice at the same time.

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A platform to be able to talk about Daddy

When their dad Laurence was being supported at the Hospice earlier this year, 10 year old Willow and 6 year old twins Noah and Jude were able to spend time with him in the garden and reading with him.

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We just clicked

Naomi and Georgina met in a nightclub and hit it off straight away, falling in love and announcing their engagement a year later. Then a month before their planned wedding, Naomi was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer, and then the country went into lockdown.

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A visit from Dan puts smiles on faces

While she has been staying at the Hospice, Victoria Oliver has been missing her gelding fell pony, Dan the Man aka Greenholme Falcon, so Dan paid a visit.

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Hospice celebrates 10 years of 24/7 support at home for people facing incurable illness

St Helena Hospice is celebrating the 10th anniversary of SinglePoint; its 24 hours a day 7 days a week phone support and rapid response service, for people living with incurable illness.

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Daisy's birthday present

Daisy is asking friends and family to donate to St Helena instead of giving her presents for her 28th birthday.

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Just to focus on spending time together was the nicest thing

Ryan Corlett was 23 when he was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Ryan and his wife Danielle spent their remaining months together making memories, and they were together at the hospice when he died. Danielle shares their story.

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Life is what you make it

Pauline and Jim Lawrence had 57 happy years together, enjoying their time spent out on the barges.

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Making choices and memories

When Neil became ill, he was philosophical about it, recording his decisions about his care and end of life choices, and discussing the future with his husband. Pete shares their story.

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Someone we can lean on

Discovering that hospice support happens in people’s homes, came as a surprise to Ricky and Anne Aldons. Now they have experienced it themselves, they want to share with their community how St Helena Hospice “puts their arms around your shoulders”.

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