My name is Sean I am the Maintenance Manager for St Helena.

We provide maintenance support for not just The Hospice but across all the sites, in retail and offices off site. We do everything from day to day maintenance tasks to blood runs, pharmacy runs, we also take patients to the hospital when needed as well as refurbishments in the old and new shops, pretty much the lot.

Hospice care takes a lot of patience, a lot of smiling and sometimes it’s just saying yes to something small that can make someone’s day. For something that could take you 5 minutes could make someone’s day or week. For example, I have just been out for half an hour to collect a TV for one of our patients which for him means that the whole time he is here he can watch the rugby. It’s those little moments that can make a huge difference to someone else. For us, the client isn’t just the patients, it’s all the staff here as well, we have a duty to look after their rooms and help out with projects when needed. We have to look after all the people that work here, to make their lives easier. So it does take a lot of patience and we can deal with a lot of frustration sometimes, but if you just smile and say yes then it’s all fine. Saying ‘yes’ is our motto.

Hospice care is a big package, it’s not just about looking after the patient, but the family as well. It takes a lot of resources from the ward to look after all the different patient needs, as well as the catering team for example, who are able to supply such a variety of food. It is such a big cycle to give someone the best end of life care.

From 18 years old I have worked in a hospice, I use to work at St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich where I completed my apprenticeship and worked for a couple of years. A job then came up with St Helena with a bit more responsibility and job prospects so I took the leap to come to Colchester and that was probably the best thing I ever did. I really do like working in a hospice environment, it’s a very different environment and it does take a special character to be in hospice maintenance, because it’s not just on the tools and trawls, it’s more about being around our patients and staff to help them. That’s why I enjoy it, you’ve got friendly staff wherever you go, from the nurses, to HR, fundraising, marketing, finance, retail, we work with them all so we get to see everyone, it’s a really nice environment to work in.

We were recently able to help a gentleman who was visiting his wife here at The Hospice, he loved going to jumble sales and bought a lot of things but needed to take some stuff to our donation centre. We were able to help him by organising for his items to be taken to the donation centre so he had more time to spend with his wife here at the hospice. So like I said, it’s about doing those little things to help someone else. He was still able to do his hobby but we were taking the stress away by taking things to the donation centre for him. It’s those little moments that really make it for me. My perception of the hospice has changed since I started working here. I think the more you see and the closer you are to patients and relatives the more you get to see about what we are actually giving. The support that we give to people in the hospice is extensive, all the way from the pinkies, to the maintenance, to the catering team, it’s all supporting them. We get to see how much there is beyond just the nursing and how that really does help. The fundraisers that come over, they might just walk through the ward and say hello, but it’s that interaction that can really make a difference. Some patients might not have relatives so just seeing all the staff can really make a difference to them, it’s so nice to see. Working here really does open your eyes, you can stress about things at home but then you come into work and think why am I stressing about these things, there’s people that are in much worse positions than me so why am I so worried. Everyone looks after each other because of where we are and that why I enjoy working here.

Sean Buckner, Maintenance Manager

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