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28th June 2021

Get ready for wedding season!

Whether you’re planning for your own wedding or attending someone else’s, we’ve got you covered. Around this time of year we see an increase in the amount of weddings, otherwise known as wedding season. After a huge amount of postponed dates last year due to lockdowns and limited capacity, the government has given the greenlight for them to finally go ahead. However, we all know that weddings can be expensive and the price tag that comes with suits and gowns can really put a dent in that wedding fund, so if you’re someone that loves to save where they can, we might just have the ideal solution for you.

Our Books, Brew and Boutique shop in Peartree Road, Stanway has put together an amazing wedding theme. We went to visit to show you just how great it is and to give you some wedding inspiration.

six wedding dresses hanging at Books, Brew and Boutique.

If you’re a bride to be, they have a variety of beautiful wedding gowns in a range of sizes, in fantastic condition for just a fraction of the price you pay for when shopping new. Simple, extravagant, modern; they have a dress style for every type of bride.

Already have your dress sorted and need something to pair with it? Alongside these gorgeous gowns, they offer a selection of wedding appropriate shoes, as well as jewellery to accessorise on your special day.

Their remarkable men’s section is suitable for the men in the wedding party, such as the groom, father of the bride and best man. With a large choice of good condition blazers, trousers, shirts and even the odd matching suit, they really have it all. They are also home to a large shelving unit full of men’s shoes that would pair perfectly with any suit.

Navy blue suit jacket and waistcoat over a white shirt
Two manekins wearing mother of the bride/groom outfits.

Shopping as the mother of the bride or groom can be hard, but the Books, Brew and Boutique shop offer so many appropriate outfits, some showcased on display and others located in the rails. When it comes to accessories, they have a selection of hats, and of course every mother of the bride outfit needs a hat.

If you’re a wedding guest there is no end to what you can find amongst the rails, not only in this shop but in most of our shops located across north Essex. You will find incredible clothes, accessories and shoes meaning you can still look good, whilst saving on the price and shopping sustainably.

A wedding sign that says 'when I fall in love it will be forever' and lots of wedding hats in various colours

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