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18th June 2021

A day out in Frinton-on-Sea

Summer is almost here! Unfortunately, it’s still difficult for us to get away on that well needed exotic trip abroad, so as a result UK staycations and day trips are becoming more and more popular. If you’re looking for somewhere coastal to visit this year, why not check out Frinton-on-Sea?

Frinton-on-Sea is a beautiful seaside town with an amazing town centre and community. It also happens to be home to four of our shops; three of which are situated in Connaught Avenue and one at the Triangle Shopping Centre.

Let us tell you a bit about them:

Books – 133 Connaught Avenue

Book lovers rejoice! This treasure of a shop is filled with every genre you can think of: mystery, comedy, romance; they’ve got it all. With shelves bursting with thousands of books and a selection of audio books too, there is such a wide range to choose from. Once you have picked up your new favourite book; head down to the beach, set up a spot, read and enjoy.

Shelves of books inside the Frinton Books shop

Music – 92 Connaught Avenue

Are you a musician? Or just someone who adores music? Be prepared to get lost in our amazing music shop that offers so much, including instruments, records and CDs. As well as being heavily centered around music, it is also home to an extensive DVD collection, an assortment of cameras and variety of books too.

Inside of the Frinton Music shop

Clothes - 43 Connaught Avenue

Head down to our newest shop, also located in Connaught Avenue, which is dedicated to clothes. This is the place to go to get some new additions for your wardrobe. Overflowing with all the best clothes, shoes and accessories, you’re sure to find the pieces to create your perfect outfit here.

The front of the Frinton Clothes shop

St Helena - Frinton Triangle shopping centre

Once you’ve finished up in Connaught Avenue, you can travel just a short 4 minute drive to our shop located in the Frinton Triangle. This shop, unlike the others, doesn’t have a theme, but is filled with a wide range of everyday items such as clothes, homeware and games. Be sure to check out their beautiful display window too!

Front of the Frinton Triangle shop

So if you’re ready to pick up some new great finds from our shops, enjoy the hot weather and relax, make sure you plan your visit to Frinton-On-Sea!

View all our shops and find opening times

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